Hladky Park (commonly known as "Whale Bell Park")

1992: Hladky Park dedicated

2004. Hladky Park (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Hladky Park, dedicated in 1992, is located between the Dog House Tavern and L Studio Modern. It was named for Tom Hladky, former Public Works and Building Inspector who died in 1989.

1988. Tom Hladky (Courtesy Langley City Hall).

Plaque at Haldky Park (Courtesy Robert Watermnan)


2016. Hladky Park (Courtesy Robert Waterman)

A metal railing, stairs, and other amenities were added in 2008 to replace the original wooden railing.


2014. Whale Bell (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The upper portion of the Park bordering First Street became known as "Whale Bell Park" when a bell which can be rung to announce the presence of whales in Saratoga Passage was placed there.