606 Second Street

Generation Park

2007: Generation Park constructed

1971 Aerial view showing City lot at Saratoga Road and DeBruyn Avenue (Courtesy Ben Breedlove).

The lot owned by the city at the corner of Saratoga Road and Second Street housed a city maintenance building and wastewater pumping station for many years. In the mid 1990's, a temporary Post Office was briefly located here during construction of the New Post Office on Second Street in 1997.

1992. City buildings at DeBruyn Avenue and Saratoga Road (Courtesy City Hall)

A portion of the lot was transformed into Generation Park in 2007 by the Langley Community Club.

2012. Generation Park sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2017: New sign installed.

2017. New sign (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

The original sign was replaced with a new sign honoring Tucker Stevens, the long time president of the Langley Community Club and revered community member who died October 29, 2014.

2019: New playground equipment.

The original swing set and climbing structure were replaced by new equipment by the Langley Community Club.

2019. New play structures (Courtesy Robert Waterman).