307 First Street

Dental Office (Hotel Langley / Kraber-Mortenson Residence)

Circa 1901: Hotel Langley

1906. Hotel Langley next to Ed Howard's store and Post Office (Courtesy Delores Cobb).

Langley's first hotel, the "Hotel Langley", was built by C. M. McCarter circa 1901 on the south side of First Street next to Ed Howard's Store. It was a small, two-story hotel. Mr. McCarter then purchased lots on the north side of First Street and built a larger Hotel Langley across the street.

Circa 1907: Kraber Residence

1908. Annie Garnett, Henrietta Kraber and her mother Martha on the front porch of the Kraber House (Courtesy Susan McQueen).

William and Martha Kraber came to Whidbey Island to join their daughter Henrietta. They either bought and remodeled the old Hotel Langley or built a new house on the site of the former hotel.

Henrietta ("Etta") Ethel Kraber came to Whidbey Island from Seattle in 1907 after graduation from High School to teach in Clinton; riding her pony to school every day. She then taught in Langley from 1908 - 1912.

In 1907, Martin S. Mortensen came to Langley to visit his two half sisters, Amelia (Simonson) Melsen and Anna Simonson. Henrietta's brother, Harry Kraber, lived in Langley and was married to Martin's half sister, Anna Simonson. Martin stayed and worked as a farmer and then as a barber in Langley.

Martin met Henrietta Kraber at her parent's home in 1911, and they were married on November 24, 1913. With the death of her parents, the Mortensons inherited the house.

The Mortensens had two daughters; Kathryn, born September 14,1914, and Dorothy, born December 5, 1916. Etta worked for a time as a telephone operator and Martin ran a hardware store next to the Clyde Theatre in the 1940's. Both were very active in the civic and social affairs of Langley for many years.

Additions were added to the house over the years, and in 1942, the house underwent a major remodel. Martin died in 1962.

Circa 1970. Residence (Courtesy Frederick Preal).

1980: Frederick Preal buys the building.

In 1980, Frederick W. ("Ric") Preal DDS, purchased the building from Robert L. Smith and began a significant remodel of the former residence into a dental office.

1980. Remodel underway (Courtesy Frederick Preal).

1980. False front and porch added (Courtesy Frederick Preal).

1992. Ric Preal's Dental Office (Courtesy Langley City Hall).

2014: Edward Park buys the building.

In 2014, Edward Park DDS, purchased the building and set up his dental practice. He remodeled the interior of the building in 2016.

2017. Park dental office (courtesy Robert Waterman).