221 Second Street (Suite #1)

The Beach House (Second Street Hair Boutique, Bakery / Eatery)

1991: Langley Village Bakery

22004. The Langley Village Bakery (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

Marie Bird Legters had a small, popular "Langley Village Bakery" in this triangular building, the roof of which was designed as a terrace for the building next door.

According to Herb Helsel, "When the Bakery opened in 1991, Marie Bird, who owned the Bakery wanted to put an oven in the front of the building across the street. When she couldn't get a permit , she moved large mixing machines into a small room that was accessed by a door on the north end of the building. This served for a time as a prep room for the Bakery."

According to Trif LeBaron who worked in the Bakery as a youth, "Marie got her start by selling bread at the Bayview Farmers' Market and then she bought the bakery. Someone named Wanda bought the bakery from Marie and she lasted for about a year. The next owners were Tom and Marie Thomas."

When Tom and Marie left Whidbey, Sandy DeMartini ran the bakery until Misty Moore ran it in 2008. Misty had worked in the original Bakery. "Marie trained me how to bake, teaching me all her recipes. It just kind of stuck. I basically brought back the old recipes, the town favorites." She served &qot;croissants, cinnamon rolls, cookies, cakes and pies, along with espresso drinks." And for lunch. "stuffed focaccia, soup, pizza and sandwiches.

When the Bakery closed, a small restaurant called the "Langley Village Eatery" occupied the space for a few months before closing in 2013.

2013. Langley Eatery (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2013: Second Street Hair Boutique

2018. Second Street Hair Boutique (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

After the Eatery closed, Bristol Branson opened the Second Street Hair Boutique in 2013.

2018. Second Street Hair Boutique entrance (Courtesy Robert Waterman).

2019: The Beach House

The Second Street Hair Boutique was replaced by The Beach House in 2019.

2019. The Beach House (Courtesy Robert Waterman).